5 Steps to make your wedding photographs special & exciting!

Number One:
Have an awesome theme for your wedding!
Always wanted a fairytale-like wedding? Or maybe a nerd themed wedding? Having a theme to outline your wedding could make things so easy to work out. Unleash your imagination and don’t be afraid to tell your photography team what’s on your mind.

Number Two:
Have your bridesmaid to doll-up and groom mates to look awesome!
After you have chose a theme for your wedding, have all your bridesmaid and groom mates to dress up for the theme together to make your big day happen (and happening of course!).

Number Three:
Be Different!
Rule number 1, Don’t be afraid to be different. Rule number 2, be creative with your theme! Don’t be afraid to be outstanding, it’s your big day after all! Have an extraordinary make up or a crazy idea of your wedding ride or venue.

Number Four:
Decorate the wedding venue!
So now you got an awesome theme and everyone looking awesome, you want to make sure everything blends in with your theme including your wedding venue so that it will be an unforgettable event for not just you and your partner but everybody!

Number Five:
Choose the right photographer and videographer team!
What? You don’t need a photography team because you have a friend that owns a DSLR camera? A big no-no! Bear in mind that It is crucial to hire a team of professional photographer to help you to record your big day. Plus, you wanted someone that is experienced enough to capture every moment that you wished to be captured, right?

How do you choose the right person for this important job?
Oh, you’re in a tight budget? Every newly-weds seems to cut budget on photography. But that’s a big No-No! As we mentioned, It is crucial to get a professional photographer or a team of professional to help you. No one’s going to say they had a bad time at your wedding because of the linens were cotton, not silk. However, people WILL definitely look back at your wedding photographs because of the awesome memories that they had on your big day!