The story started off with 3 energetic and passionate youngsters who love photography much. They were brought together by the same interest and formed up the team of 3PM. Today, the team is growing bigger with more members in order to create more creative works in 3PM style.

We are always curious and exciting about the upcoming wedding events as every wedding is unique and it only happens once in their lifetime. Our crew of photographers and cinematographers are always there to capture the most natural and happening side of your events. They are a group of friendly yet easy going people who lighten up your events with their craziness and laughters! So, let’s start making friends with them and do enjoy the moment working with them during your big day or any other events!

With this blog, we would like to share our work with you. If you feel interested with our work and would like to request our service, please drop us enquires, or even give us a call just to say Hi! We wish you enjoy visiting our site and of course, don’t be shy talking to us. Cheers!